Changing the face of American Theater


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Songwriter/Poet/Screenwriter. Founding member of UNIVERSES. His work has toured more than 25 U.S. cities, and 5 countries.
Theatrical writing credits: The Last Word; God Took Away His Poem; Let bygones be; The Ride (Universes); Slanguage (Universes); and Ameriville (Universes).  Directing credits: The Last Word (Austin, TX); Full Circle’s Innerviews (Dance Theater Wokshop-NYC); and Articulation (Boston, MA). Gamal is currently working on several projects for screen: Red Moon; Joe Bloe; and North Borough.  Appeared on the cover of American Theater Magazine 2004 (w/ UNIVERSES); and the Source Magazine 2000 (w/ Universes). Affiliations: 2008 Jazz@Lincoln Center Rhythm Road Tour; Member (Network of Ensemble Theaters-NET); New York Theatre Workshop Usual Suspect Publications: Writers Corp Teacher Anthology (City Lights Books 2009); UNIVERSES-THE BIG BANG (2013 release- TCG Books); SLANGUAGE in The Fire This Time (TCG).
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